Face Software!

Facebook automation software to help you clean your facebook and more

Example: Automatically delete all status updates on your timeline!

CLEAN YOUR FACEBOOK TIMELINE You can Clean everything .Download & start using NOW


Our facebook software is very safe and secure to use and most importantly we WILL NEVER make a post on your facebook account about our software or phish / store your login information in any shape or form.


Status Deleter Who Deleted Me Vip Spy Self Scanner
Delete your statuses based on dates or delete everything Find out who deleted you as a friend when ever it happens Have a complete spy on the very Import Person in your friends list Scan your friend's profile and find all comments/likes you made

Comment/Likes Spy Breakup Notifier Pics Downloader Photo Deleter
Find all the comments and likes made between some friends Get text or email when the relationship of a friend changes Download all your pics or a friends pics and albums to your pc Delete all your pictures from your facebook account with a click of a button

Friends Post Deleter Birthday wishers Singles Finder Social Account Finder
Delete all or any posts made by any of your friends on your wall List of friends that wished you a happy birthday and the messages Find and add singles who live in your area and go on a date Scan and find a fried's account on popular social networks

Mutual Crush Tag Remover Comment Deleter Get Fans
Get notified of a mutual crush with any of your friends Automatically remove all spammy photo tags easily Scan a friends profile and delete what you posted to them Start getting fans to your fanpage by other opt-in users on facebook

Friends Birthday Wisher Save Friends Friend Adder Friends Post Deleter
Automatically wish your friends happy birthay when it comes Save list of all your friends incase you delete your account Do a search and automatically add hundreds of friends at a time. Delete all messages received or sent from any of your friends

Contact Infos Unlike All Accept Friends More Coming Soon
Extract and archive the contact infos of your friends list Scan a friends profile and unlike all pics, statuses you previously liked Automatically accept all friend request made by other people Got any feature you want added? request for it to be developed

Statistics and Data

Automate book uses facebook API to extract data and statistics and information and make it readily available for you to view in a tabular form as needed

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One Click Automation

With just a click of a mouse you can automate a lot of things that usually takes you hours to do in your browser in few seconds

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Lots Of Features

We have lots of features in automate book software with more being added per your request. We are sure you will find it useful

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Works 24/7

We put a lot into making sure the software stays up to date and make any fixes needed as soon as facebook makes any changes.

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